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Why Go Green?

Venues are slowly responding to the increasing demands from clients for environmental best practice and it is all our responsibility to keep the pressure on.

We at ConferencesGroup are a sustainable company booking sustainable events and ask our clients and suppliers to join us in this effort. It is all our responsibility to preserve the environment in whatever way we can.

Many more companies have policies that require their staff to use green venues and we support the current surge of social conscience towards the environment.

Responsible venues have clearly defined and actively implemented environmental policies and the support and backing of senior management to ensure it is put into practice.

The conference and event industry have always been considered the worst culprits for generating landfill waste but things are changing fast. To create the image and WOW factor the event industry build spectacular temporary features and displays and leave behind tons of rubbish. The event companies and venues are now working together to ensure all possible waste is recycled.

Initially it was thought sufficient to recycle paper and an odd can and plastic bottle but now the pressure is on the venues to publish and adhere to their environmental policy. They are required to provide training and guidance for staff in energy efficiency and to carefully monitor utilities usage.

How we can all help -

  • Choose a venue that has a clearly defined environmental policy and practices recycling and adoption of thoughtful environmental measures wherever possible.
  • Where possible on-site accommodation to minimise travelling
  • A venue that has good public transport links
  • Rooms with natural daylight
  • Environmental friendly equipment sourcing

Online registration can assist with a totally paperless, planet friendly system; delegates can receive their joining instructions, directions, maps and all communication electronically.

Producing delegate packs online can also reduce waste. Name badges, brochures, pads, pencils, mouse mats can all be recycled, provided the venue has a sustainable best practice.

Going green for venues is not always easy and can be a time consuming and can initially cost more but there is increasing pressure both domestically and internationally to reduce emissions and promote sustainable resources.

If you would like to learn more about booking 'green venues' contact ConferencesGroup, who will be happy to assist you, call 0800 567 0050.

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