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Conference Planning Tips

Top ten tips for all ATTENDEES at Conferences/meetings -

  • Punctuality - it is important to aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the meeting, timekeeping is important and the meeting will probably be running to a timed agenda
  • Switch off your mobile phone prior to the meeting. If you are expecting an urgent call, never answer the phone at the table, excuse yourself and leave the room
  • Close your laptop - If not being used as part of the meeting, keep your laptop closed. Constantly checking emails, shows lack of interest and disrespect for your colleagues
  • Don't chew gum at meetings or when with clients, it is not nice and a bad habit
  • Try and pay attention to the Speaker, looking bored and disinterested, shows a lack of respect
  • Prior to attending a meeting overseas, spend a few minutes online researching the customs of the country you are visiting. Some Muslim countries have strict behaviour and dress codes which should be adhered to
  • Don't hug or kiss business contacts you are meeting for the first time. A firm handshake will be a sufficient form of greeting
  • Saying 'thank you' is a skill that is fading away but a quick email after a meeting will be appreciated.

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